CONTAX 645 scans

Shooting film has always been a passion for me. It started very early, I got my first point+shoot film camera when I was 12 years old.

This one:


30 years and dozens of film and digital cameras later I still love shooting film, and finally, in 2022 I was lucky enough to buy a mint condition CONTAX 645, the best ever medium format camera… made by the very same company as the Yashica, the Japanese Kyocera. They stopped manufacturing the Contax 645 (and the Yashica brand) in 2005, the same year I decided to actually become a Photographer.

This is the Contax 645:

Contax 645 camera kit zeiss 5-3000x3000


Today I shoot weddings mostly with digital cameras, but I always have at least one or two film cameras in my backpack, and, if I have the time and the inspiration, I’m not afraid to use them:

G+F_wedding_contax645-1 G+F_wedding_contax645-2 G+F_wedding_contax645-3 G+F_wedding_contax645-4 G+F_wedding_contax645-5 G+F_wedding_contax645-6 G+F_wedding_contax645-7 G+F_wedding_contax645-8 G+F_wedding_contax645-9 G+F_wedding_contax645-10 G+F_wedding_contax645-11 G+F_wedding_contax645-12 G+F_wedding_contax645-13 G+F_wedding_contax645-14 G+F_wedding_contax645-16 G+F_wedding_contax645-17 G+F_wedding_contax645-18 G+F_wedding_contax645-19

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