Dani, Cinematographer

Meet Dani, a Filmmaker at heart.


After I have finished my first short movie, I bought my first Canon film camera. I shortly became fully passionate about visual storytelling. Besides learning the craft of cinematography, I continued to work on my next short movies as a director and screenwriter. And why is this all so important for you? Because, I am not just trying to make a wedding video, but a beautifully shot, dramatic movie, consciously applying all the craft of filmmaking. And besides all creativity, there is so much fun to make films for couples.

I have already shot and edited more than 30 wedding films. Still, it is so rewarding when they write me feedbacks like they can’t fall asleep as they are just watching their film over and over again.

Gear: Full-frame Sony camera with G-Masters and Canon Xeen Cine Prime lens

Spoken Languages: Hungarian, English, Spanish and some French