Harsh Light


This artcile is about shooting midday, and you might be interested in the following if your hands are tied, and must schedule the photosession in the middle of the wedding day, when the light conditions are far from perfect, specially in the summer. …or, if you are not there yet, but you are at the state of comparing photographers and you are unsure what to look for in their work.

Light coming from above your head is just thing, it can also be very tiresome just to be outdoors in the heat, but first, from the photographer’s perspective I would like to talk about the light aspect.

Now, I’ve been telling my couples for years that a midday photoshoot is a very bad idea, and it’s impossible to get good results in harsh light… turns out I just wasn’t good enough, I guess! Strange to even write this down, but since I improve myself constantly, me being less good of a photographer in 2009 than in 2019 is just a fact I have to be comfortable with.

Here are our latest midday photos, the ones that inspired this article.












As you see, direct sunlight is not the enemy! Harsh lights are not even remotly an obstacle to having great photos.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the technical details and camera settings, but you should know we always stayed in the shades from time to time, drank plenty of water, and had a great time… every time. So, do your homework, and always ask to see full galleries, to see how your photographer candidate works when lights are far from ideal!

The summer heat is still something you wouldn’t want to suffer at for too long, so you might want to schedule this midday session for no longer than 30 minutes. You wouldn’t want to look worn down by the time the guests arrive for the ceremony…even when you are planning to have some rest after the photosession, to touch up, hydrate and wait for the ceremony in a climatized room.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was helpful, and let me know if there is a subject you would like to learn more of. I’m always looking for inspirations for an article.



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