Roland, Cinematographer



For me, the love for filmmaking has started when I was kid. I was an extreme bike competitor and I made sports movies all the time. I think the freestyle, creative sports helps a lot to create a different kind of perspective. Because filmmaking is also a kind of „free” thing that you cannot rule, life has taken me to this way.

I make all kinds of films. Music videos, travel films, commercials, corporate events. But my all-time favorites are wedding films. The vibe what is around the day and what is between two special people is just marvelous.

I love to live this big day together with you.

I feel like a guest with his invisible camera and not as a staff member.

This is what it’s all about. Connecting with the moods of the day and telling the day from my perspective! This is what makes my work special. The day is full of feelings and whoever tells the story, has to fully be present.

Gear: Sony A6300 cameras, Sony and Samyang lenses, DJI Ronin S gimbal, DJI Mavic Pro drone
Spoken Languages: Hungarian, English