We started our photo studio together in 2010.

Originally a portrait/family photographer, he joined DKWP in April of 2013 and he has been representing the studio on dozens of Austrian and Hungarian weddings since. We have almost identical gear: he shares my devotion for Nikon camera bodies and Sigma Art lenses.

He gets more and more wedding assignments on his own as it’s easy to see, how devoted and passionate he is. Also, a really nice guy to spend your day with, not to mention that he puts up with me longer than anyone else!

Should you ask him about his favorite weddings ever, he will probably mention this one in Tuscany:

Alexandra & Christopher

More full wedding galleries:

Éva + Péter
Kata + Tamás
Andi + Bernhard
Balázs + Dalma
Zsanett + Ákos

Full frame Nikon bodies, Sigma Art lenses

Spoken languages:
English, German, Hungarian

He controls the weather! So many times it was supposed the rain at his weddings yet somehow it was always nice and sunny.